BLI RENTALS The Benefits to Rent to Own
​Fast, Instant Approval
* Qualify Immediately 
*Getting started costs as low as the first month's rent

No Credit Check
* Avoid unwanted credit inquiries
*Be approved even with poor or marginal credit
*Save credit payment option for other uses.

Flexible Payment Options
*Automatic debit from checking or credit card.
*24/7 automated pay by phone 888-850-7847
*E-Billing and email reminders
*U.S. Mail

Affordable Monthly Payments
*Rent-to-own storage is about the same cost as renting a storage unit
*Convenient storage at your home, in the backyard or nearby

One Month Rent to Own Agreement
*Initial rental term is one month

*Each payment automatically renews the agreement
*With Rent to Own, you're not purchasing on contract, and can return the building at any time

Ownership Made Easy

*No Penalties for early purchase
​*Early Purchase Option (EPO) saves you money on the remaining balance

Capitol Buildings Shed Outlet

2409 West Newport Pike Stanton, DE  19804