Chicken Coop Run ADD $250

Standard Chicken Coop comes standard:

10 or 12 Pocket Nest Box
Chicken Door
3 - Bar Roost

(Above: Garden Shed converted into Chicken Coop)
Retail Price: Shed Price + $300

Chicken Coops

5x6 Chicken Coop Plus 14" Nesting Area w/ 6=12"x12" Nesting Boxes
2-18 x 22 Windows
Side Door 19"x49"
Chicken Door 9"x12" w/ chicken ramp
Tilt Down Ventilation Door 7" x 54"
Tilt up door for nesting Area 14" x6"
Inside Roosting Bars
6'5" High
4x4 PT Posts Chicken Coop is 16" off ground
Pine Board and Batten or 1/2" LP Smartside Painted Siding
Glass Board Flooring - makes for easy chicken housing clean up
Includes Shingles Roof

Chicken Coop Packages
Turn any style shed into a Chicken Coop

Capitol Buildings Shed Outlet

2409 West Newport Pike Stanton, DE  19804

(Above: Chicken Coop Shed with Board and Batten siding)
1/2" LP Smartside siding painted with Asphalt Shingles Board and Batten with Asphalt Shingles: $1065 (plus delivery)