Capitol Buildings Shed Outlet

2409 West Newport Pike Stanton, DE  19804

 In the summer there is nothing more luxurious than lounging by your pool with friends and family. A Capitol Buildings Pool house can provide you with that.

Why a Pool House??

A Grand Manor Pool House is one of the few luxuries that highlight your pool space. Homeowners view pool houses as an extension of their house or a place of retreat if they want to get out of the home. It is reassuring to have a place a few steps away from your house where you can wind down and relax. Your own pool house can be your home away from home.

Our Grand Manor Pool houses are also used as luxury accommodations for your guests. If you have more guests than your home can handle, pool houses are a great backyard haven where you can set up your food and drinks, and you can have your favorite game on. Just like Buffalo Wild Wings but right in your backyard. Your Place will be known for the most favorite place to entertain.

Not just a pool house but also a storage place where you can store all your water toys and it can also be used as a changing room to where your guests don't have to go in and out of your house and you can just relax outside all day. When evening comes you can just go inside and forget that you even had friends there that day. How nice would that be??