Capitol Buildings Shed Outlet

2409 West Newport Pike Stanton, DE  19804

Mega Garage

Basic Construction

Here at Capitol Buildings Shed Outlet it is our mission to provide you with structures that will not only offer you the most storage for your $$ but also offer you a building that will be an asset to your neighborhood and increase the value of your property.

We are happy to announce the arrival of our new garage called The Mega, where you not  only have 1 floor but  2 full floors.  You can park your vehicles in the bottom and have a full 2nd floor that can be used for storage or a workshop.

With full 2 floors with an 8' ceiling height, it has an endless amount of usages such as a studio, man cave, hunting camp and the list never ends.

So if you are looking for the perfect solution for a garage or whatever your needs may be feel free to call us and we can help you design the garage of your dreams!

First Floor

  • 10-4x4 Pressure Treated Skids form the foundation
  • 2x4 Floor joists 12" on center with 5/8 Flooring OR
  • PT 6x6 Perimeter with steel corner reinforcements when ordered with no floor
  • 2x6 Wall studs 16" on center
  • Cedar Creek Vinyl with 1/2 Wood sheeting OR
  • LP smart guard lap siding
  • 10' Side walls
  • 8'6"- 9' Ceiling Height on First floor
  • 2-3 1/2x12" LVLs in center spanning 24' opening
  • 36" Insulated house door with arched glass
  • 2- Insulated 9x8 Steel Garage Doors
  • Pent Roof over garage doors
  • 4- Insulated 30x36" windows with shutters
  • Stairway to 2nd floor with rail

Second Floor

  • 2x8 Floor joists 16" on center
  • 5/8 Plywood flooring
  • 2x6 Walls on Second Floor
  • 8' Ceiling Height on Second Floor
  • 5-Pitch Preengineered Trusses 24" on center
  • Hurricane Ties securing trusses to wall
  • 8" Overhang on Gables
  • 8-Insulated 30x36 Windows with Shutters
  • 15 lb Tar Paper
  • 30 year Architectural Shingles
  • Full Length Ridge Vent and vented soffit for Insulating purposes
  • 2- Arch Garden Shed Vents