Capitol Buildings Shed Outlet

2409 West Newport Pike Stanton, DE  19804

12x16 Shown with Optional Cupola and Weathervane

The poolside oasis small pool house is a great way to end your long hot summer day!  Just relax under the shade while your children play in the pool.  Getting a backyard pool house takes a lot of time, and planning but here at Capitol Buildings we will walk right beside you to make sure you get the pool house that you will love for years.

The Royal Retreat and the Poolside Oasis are in the same family line, a couple of the differences are that the royal retreat has to be built on site, and it has trusses, and the poolside oasis can be delivered fully built and it comes with a finished interior and a electrical package, but we can add any options to any of our pool houses.

Poolside Oasis