Buying Process

Shed Crazy can assist you with all of those questions that you may have when it comes to purchasing a garage, wooden storage shed or gazebo. Below are some common questions that we receive, and some answers to those common questions. If your questions are not directly answered from our website, feel free to contact us at 302-994-1896 for further help.


  1. You can call or email us and explain your needs and what you will be using your shed for. We will be more than happy to guide you in the direction that works best for you, and email you an itemized quote detailing the specifications and layout of the shed.
  2. You look over everything and make sure it is exactly how you want it.
  3. You can then place your order in person, in our office, or over the phone.
  4. Place your deposit by giving us a credit card number and we will run 50% of the invoice amount, (If total price of building is $5000 or more you would be required to mail us a check for 50% before delivery) and we will give you an estimated time for the building to be completed.
  5. We will then call you to schedule delivery and set up a day, usually 1-4 days in advance.
  6. Once our delivery expert arrives at your location, he can then determine the best option to place the structure. Most likely, the driver will use the revolutionary machine called the Mule!! Once your shed is in place, you can move in all your stuff and start using the building of your dreams!