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  • Stud Walls and roof rafters are sturdy Southern Yellow Pine 2×4’s 24” on center
  • Steeper Pitch Roof sheds snow efficiently
  • Roof and wall panels are heavy duty 8mm twin wall polycarbonate. This UV resistant greenhouse material is 12 times lighter than glass
  • Clear polycarbonate panels make up the roof and sides of the greenhouse
  • Composite Trim is a multi purpose construction material made of cellular PVC. Durable and long lasting, does not require paint but holds paint well should you decide you want a different color besides white. Composite tri never needs maintenance and resists mold, mildew, stains, and scratches. It is splinter free and comes with a 30-year manufacturers warranty.
  • 18” Beaded Wainscoting
  • 8mm twin wall polycarbonate panels offer improved insulation for both hot and cold weather and are superior to fragile glass or plastic sometimes used in greenhouses.
  • Includes 32”x80” storm door with solid clear windowpane and Exhaust fan w/ thermostat on rear gable, and 1 potting bench

Additional Potting Bench (24” deep)

8ft $375.00
10ft $395.00
12ft $430.00

**Pricing includes delivery to your prepared site**

Additional Options

Lean To style add $850
(includes potting bench on 3 sides)
Pent Roof above door on lean to add $675

Pricing Includes Sussex County DE Delivery
Call / email for custom quote freight and delivery outside of Sussex County DE


Pricing is subject to change at any time. Please call the store for the most up to date pricing.


12" Wider Doors
24" Wider Doors
Higher Doors 7'
Extra Single Door (Fiberglass add $25 per door)
Extra Double Door (Fiberglass add $25 per door)
Double Fiberglass Solid House Doors 6' Opening
Dbl Fiberglass W/Glass House Doors 6' Opening
Extra Dutch Door 36"
Extra Dutch Door 42"
Extra Dutch Door 48"
Upgrade Double Dutch Door (*replaces regular doors)
Extra Double Dutch Door
8' x 7' Double Doors (*replaces regular doors)
Extra 8' x 7' Double Doors
Fiberglass House Door Solid 36"
Fiberglass House Door 36" w/ 9 Lite or 11 Lite Glass. 15 Lite is $65 more
8' x 6'6" Overhead Door
8' x 6'6" Insulated Overhead Door (Includes: Diamond Plate Sill & Replaces Double Doors)
9' x 7' Overhead Door
9' x 7' Insulated Overhead Door (Includes: Diamond Plate Sill & Replaces Double Doors)
Add Windows to Overhead Doors
Add Sunburst to Overhead Doors
Upgrade to Carriage Overhead Door
Upgrade to Insulated Carriage Overhead Door
Add 5' or 6' Double Arched Wood Doors
Upgrade to 5' or 6' Double Arched Wood Doors
Add 36" Single Arched Wood Door
Upgrade to Colonial Wood Door
$85 per door
Add Transom Windows to Wood Door
$75 per door
Add Arched Transom Windows to Wood Door
$95 per door
Swap regular door for slab door
$50 per door
Add 9 or 11 Lite glass to Fiberglass slab door
$85 per door
Vinyl Siding Upgrade to Fiberglass Door


Treated Joists & Plywood
Treated Joists Only
Floor Joists 12" on center
Insulated Floor (Double Bubble)
Insulated Floor w/ R-13 Fiberglass
Double Wood Flooring


Addt'l Reg. Window 18x27 playhouse
Upgrade 18x27 to 24x27 playhouse
Addt'l 24x27 Window
Upgrade to 24x36 playhouse
Addt'l 24x36 playhouse
Upgrade to 24x36 Insulated playhouse
Upgrade to 30x36 Insulated playhouse
Credit for No Octagon (Dormer only)
Additional 24x36 Insulated House Window
Credit for No Window
Pair of Shutters (Not available of 8x8, 8x10 or 10x10 sheds)
Pair of Shutters for 36" Windows
Flower Box


No Shingles
Less 5%
Hip Roof
Add $695.00
Dormer Package
Add $795.00
Elite Transom Dormer
Add $995.00
Elite Cod Dormer w/ Octagon
Add $1,150.00
Ramps - Extend 3'

Ramps - Extend 3'

4' Wide Ramp
5' Wide Ramp
6' Wide Ramp
8' Wide Ramp
9' Wide Ramp


Cupola - Wood 18"x18" (White w/black roof or Beige w/brown roof)
Cupola-Vinyl 18"x18"
Weathervane (Horse & Buggy, Rooster - BLACK)
Weathervane (Eagle - FULL COLOR)
Quart of Paint
Gallon of Paint
Anchor Kit
Anchor Kit - Installed
Gutters & Downspouts
$7.50 per ft
Leaf Guard for Gutters
$4 per ft
Chicken Coop Package (Includes: 12 pocket nest box, chicken door, 3 bar roost)


No Siding Sheeting Only
Less 3%
No Paint
Less 3%
8' May need built on site
Add 15%
10' Walls MUST BE BUILT ON-SITE (Add 35% for Build On-Site)
Add 25%
Partitions (To Top Plate)
Partitions (To Ceiling)


Loft - per sq/ft 4' *Install on "short" side ONLY
Shelf - per liner ft. 16"
Workbench - per liner ft 24"


Gable Vent
$35.00 each
Ridge Vent
$8 per ft
Arch Gable Vents
$45.00 each
Vented Soffit
$8 per ft

Paint Colors

Belmont Blue
Chestnut Brown
Dark Brown
Dark Gray
Hunter Green
Barn Red
Pequea Green
Ronks Gray

Vinyl Colors

Antique Ivory
Classic Linen
Slate Blue
Slate Gray
Heritage Gray

Shingle Colors

Dual Black
Earthtone Cedar
Dual Brown
Weather Wood
Dual Gray
Charcoal Gray
National Blue
Vintage Green

Metal Roofing Colors

Bright White
Polar White
Light Stone
Ash Gray
Pewter Gray
Burnished Slate
Rural Red
Bright Red
Ivy Green
Copper Metallic
Gallery Blue
Ocean Blue
Rural Red (Textured)
Burgundy (Textured)
Evergreen (Textured)
Burnished Slate (Textured)
Charcoal (Textured)
Black (Textured)